Working Toward a

Predator Free 2050
with podiTRAP.

The podiTRAP is the easier,
& more intuitive solution for
mustelid and rodent eradication.

podiTRAP is the solution to all things frustrating about predator control.  After years of development, the brief of the podiTRAP has been completed;

  • Trap can be set from the outside
  • The handle is not only used for setting, it also works as a ‘flag’.
  • Quicker servicing due to the flag
  • Safe, easy set with a long handle

The handle on top is attached to the trap inside so that the trap could be set from outside. The handle on the outside also works as a ‘flag’. When the trap is set, the handle is up, so when you’re servicing the network you don’t need to stop at all the tunnels. It makes in quicker and more efficient to service the trapping network.

Why podiTRAP 





podiTRAP is a result of kiwi ingenuity

brought to life by extensive R&D

Pouri’s Story

“I never expected it to be where it is now,” says it’s inventor, Pouri Rakete-Stones. “It’s evolved into this big monster project!”

Pouri is an engineer by trade. He spent 10 years as a fitter/welder, doing research and development work on machinery, before getting involved with Hawkes Bay kiwi conservation and outdoor education organisation ECOED in 2010.

Not only did engineering and conservation come together at that point, but that was when Pouri and his wife Wendy first worked with then-General Manager Al Bramley. Al is currently CEO of ZIP (Zero Invasive Predators). Pouri, Wendy and Al also worked together during the early development stage of the Poutiri Ao ō Tāne project, a sister project to Hawkes Bay’s Cape to City. It was on this project that they started talking about what sort of trap they wanted to use for their 8000 hectares predator control programme…