How It Works

The podiTRAP is the easier,
& more intuitive solution for
mustelid and rodent eradication.

The handle on top is attached to the trap inside so that the trap could be set from outside. The handle on the outside also works as a ‘flag’. When the trap is set, the handle is up, so when you’re servicing the network you don’t need to stop at all the tunnels. It makes in quicker and more efficient to service the trapping network.

The new handle feature worked so well that even Pouri’s 12-year-old daughter could safely set the traps.

Setting your podiTRAP 

Open the trap using the latch on the side of the trap. Clean out any catch with a wire brush and place your bait in the kill zone insuring the trap is not set.

Holding the trap firmly on the ground with one foot reach down and lift the lever all the way up until the trigger sets automatically.

The lever at the top indicates that the trap is set. This is an easy visual guide that allows you to see from far away if the trap has been triggered or not. 

When the leaver is in the downward position, this indicates the trap has been triggered, or hasn’t been set. To clear and set the trap follow step 1.