The podiTRAP Range

podiTRAP 400

Dead Fall Trigger

The Dead-Fall Trigger is a very safe system that relies on the full removal of bait (in the centre of the trap) by the predator for the trigger to release for kill.

This means there very little risk of false triggers caused by surrounding stock interacting the trap which can set off a ‘treddle system’ more easily.

Due to complete bait removal triggering system, there is a much more consistent kill rate when dealing with fast rodents.

Key trap positioning: Open farmland, bush environments, forestry

$229.00 (incl GST)


podiTRAP 400

Treadle Trigger

The Treadle Trigger is a very proven method of catching predators and many existing trap designs use this style. 

Combined with the well researched tunnel design, it encourages the predator to make the entire journey from one side of the trap to the other forcing them to walk across the treadle plate.

Key trap positioning: Enclosed bush environments, forestry, closed off areas


$239.00 (incl GST)